Bounty Premium cattle are raised on the lush New England high country clover and rye grass pastures in north eastern New South Wales. The cattle are then finished at the Myola Feedlot, a state of the art facility located north east of Moree in northern New South Wales.


The creation of fine grain fed beef is a unique process - it is both an art form and a science. Premium eating quality beef is dependent upon the land from which the cattle have come from, the weather and soil, the breeds of cattle, and then how the product has been graded and aged.


It is due to the relationship between our people, our land and our cattle that the beef we produce can belong in the company of the best beef in the world. This unique standard ensures Bounty Premium beef provides exceptional consistency, flavour and tenderness.


Bounty Premium beef is processed by Bindaree Beef, who are one of the Australia's largest meat processors, and a prominent leader in the Australian meat industry. It is a family owned and operated processing plant at Inverell in northern New South Wales. Employing over 600 people from the surrounding region, the facility is capable of processing 1,300 cattle per day. This operation is strategically located to ensure that Bindaree Beef can source cattle all year round.




Bounty Premium is sourced from the Myola Feedlot which is accredited under the

National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) by AUS-Meat.

Cattle are fed a nutritionally balanced high level feed in order to

qualify as ‘grain fed cattle’ under the scheme.

As a result of the feed, the meat has a marginally higher fat content than pasture fed cattle, with visibly brighter

white fat and more marbling throughout. Because of this, the meat delivers a buttery like flavour.   

Thanks to the quality and uniformity of the feed, grain fed cattle offers chefs and diners a consistent product.

 It also provides the red meat industry with the ability to produce reliable yields, quality and supply,

regardless of the effect of weather, which can often prevent cattle from reaching their ideal weight.


Bounty Premium has a wide selection of cuts available to customers which include:

Bounty Premium Beef cuts
Bounty Premium Beef cuts


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